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Independent Bunbury Escorts. Becoming more Independent

Secrets to Becoming More Independent, and More Desirable Because Of It Everyone wants to be independent, even those who are in relationships and very much in love with their partners. There’s nothing wrong with that, of course. The lovely babes at Bunbury Escorts are definitely independent sorts. They know more than anyone that being independent […]

Healthy diet. Stronger Sperm

Bunbury Escorts Blog – New Studies Show A Healthier Diet Can Lead To Stronger Sperm Do you want to have a fuller and more exciting sex life – and that includes having truly healthy sperm too? Well, according to a couple of relatively new studies, a healthy diet could give you just that! For decades, […]

6 Things That Guys Should Never Do When Getting A Blowjob

Let’s face it – not all women love giving blowjobs, but majority of men love getting it. However, for the girls who love giving it, there are a couple of not-so-pleasant things that men do, which make the blowjob experience quite disgusting. Let’s take a look at a couple of things that guys should never […]

The Five Dont’s To Always Remember When Doing The “69”

What’s the “69”, and why do so many couples love it? Well, for those who aren’t familiar with the term yet, the 69 refers to simultaneous oral sex, which can be practised by male-female, all-male and  all-female couples. Why is it called  69? Well, because the numerals 6 and 9 are inverted versions of each […]

Bunbury Escorts Sex Tip: Double Pleasure, Triple Fun

Women of Bunbury Escorts cater to every man’s need or desire – a girlfriend to take to the park, eyecandy with whom they can have intellectual intercourse with during the company’s annual gala dinner, or perhaps a bit more… “….she sat on the bed while I stood before her; my friend was lying prone, still […]

The Satiated Thirst for Vanilla Sex

The moonlight was looming over the horizons and I was waiting for the girl to arrive into my apartment. She is someone I hired to accompany me for the night. You see, I am no loser. I don’t date. I am not the relationship type. I fuck – hard but that’s just about how intimate […]

Sex Tips: Three’s a Crowd – Planning a Threesome.

            I’ve been married to my husband for more than 7 years now and our bond has become stronger since. I have to admit sex is still hot and pretty irresistible. However, there are times when I think spicing things up a bit can help our relationship grow.   We […]

Erotic Confessions: My Best Girl On Girl Action Is With A Bunbury Escort

On my birthday, a friend of mine gave me the best surprise of my life. She handed me a box with a key to a hotel. Knowing that she’s a bit familiar with my sexual endeavors (my bisexual awakening was the best that’s ever happened), I took a hint that it was going to be […]

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