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Healthy diet. Stronger Sperm

Bunbury Escorts Blog – New Studies Show A Healthier Diet Can Lead To Stronger Sperm

Healthy Sperm. Bunbury Escorts Blog

Do you want to have a fuller and more exciting sex life – and that includes having truly healthy sperm too? Well, according to a couple of relatively new studies, a healthy diet could give you just that! For decades, nutritionists and health researchers have always rallied around the idea that “you are what you eat”. Well, they were right after all, because new research suggests that a healthy diet can even extend to the strength and quality of your sperm.

There’s An Apparent Link Between Nutrition And Sperm Quality
Ask any man or woman out there, including perhaps your hookup partners, as well as your hot and lovely Bunbury Escorts, and they’ll all likely agree that you are what you eat! According to a pair of studies that were presented at the most recent annual meeting of the American Society for Reproductive Medicine, there’s an apparent linkage between nutrition and semen quality.

The studies also noted that diets rich in red meat and processed grains and meats seem to impair the ability of sperm to quickly move about, while diets that are high in trans fats also appear to lower the amount of sperm found in semen.

What Composes A Truly Healthy Diet?


The leader of the study team, Audrey J. Gaskins, who is currently a doctoral candidate at the Harvard School of Public Health’s department of nutrition in Boston, Massachusetts, has noted that “a healthy diet composed of a higher intake of fish, fresh fruit, whole grains legumes and
vegetables seem to improve sperm motility”.

The researcher’s conclusions were based on an in-depth study on 188 men between the ages of 18 and 22, who were recruited in a nearby town, and were asked to complete food questionnaires, participate in diets that were either Western in content (which included red meat, refined carbs, sweets and energy drinks), as well as a “prudent” diet (which was composed of fish, fruit, vegetables, legumes and whole grains). Semen tests were also taken to assess sperm movement, concentration and shape.

What was the result? The Western diet was linked to reduced sperm movement, even after the researchers took into account factors like race, smoking history and body mass index (BMI).So what type of diet would you think will make your hookup partners, or your favourite Bunbury Escorts truly happy?

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